TBC Days of Prayer & Fasting

TBC Days of Fasting and Prayer to Seek God’s Guidance

The FUPARC group calls everyone at TBC to fasting on the days of Friday, Nov 8th and Friday, Nov 15th

The Sermon on the Mount instructs us with these words:

  • So when you give . . . . Matthew 6:2
  • And when you pray . . . . Matthew 6:5
  • When you fast . . . . Matthew 6:16 

Fasting disrupts business as usual. When we fast we seek God’s face with all our heart and soul and strength. We want to seek this together as a church - to cry out to God to do something in our midst so that we will know that it is God who is directing our paths and leading out efforts.

The Reasons for Godly Fasting

Then I proclaimed a fast there at the river of Ahava, that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek from Him the right way for us and our little ones and all our possessions.  Ezra 8:21

  • We fast to seek of God the right way for us. Fasting is a humbling experience. It is our hope and desire for the people of Tiburon to humble ourselves before the Lord as we seek from God a right way for us to proceed.
  • We fast for our little ones, our children. Future generations will stand upon both the spiritual and literal foundation that we lay for them.
  • We fast for all of our possessions. The fast we prepare for is specifically related to our material substance as a church, our building. We know that we can do church without a building, but God has provided and preserved this place and asks us to be its faithful stewards.

The Motives for Godly Fasting

Then the word of the Lord Almighty came to me: ask all the people of the land and the priests, when you fasted and mourned in the fifth and seventh months for the past seventy years, was it really for me that you fasted?   Zechariah 7:4-5

It is possible to go on a fast and have so many personal motives and agendas that we are not even fasting unto God but for our own wants and desires.  God wants His people to hunger for Him, His kingdom, His agenda, His purpose and His plan for the earth.

As you fast, ask yourself:

  1. What are the motives behind the fast?
    • We must know why we are fasting, and let’s be sure our hearts are in the right place for this fast.
    • Losing weight or cleansing the body are good in themselves, but they miss the point of a Godly fast.
  2. What are the specific needs for which I am fasting?
    • When asked, we must be able to say why.
    • People of the Bible fasted for very specific reasons.
  3. Am I determined to minister unto the Lord during my fast?
    • Acts 13:2 says the church in Antioch ministered to the Lord and fasted.
    • It is not about us. It should be a time when our heart cries out to God.


Suggestions for the Conduct of Godly Fasting

Consider the following as you spend these days focused on the Lord and on His leading:

  • Read Isaiah 58 for thorough understanding of fasting that pleases & displeases God.
  • From the moment you wake up each Friday morning, drink more water than you normally do and stay thoroughly hydrated all day.
  • Consider drinking fruit or vegetable juice if you need more than water.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks on these days.
  • During your regular meal times, open you Bible and read from your favorite passages of Scripture.
  • During your regular meal times, listen to praise and worship music.
  • During your regular meal times, go to the www.tiburonbaptist.org, click on sermons and listen to a recent sermon.
  • Avoid your normal routine such as watching television during these days.
  • While your children will likely eat breakfast at home and lunch at school, talk to them on the days leading up to these Fridays and ask if they would like to fast during the Friday evening dinner time. Use your good judgment on this.
  • Remember to over hydrate during the day.
  • When you wake on Saturday morning, make plans to truly break your fast with a big breakfast. Did you realize that the first meal of each day is your break from the fast you have experienced overnight? That’s why we call it breakfast.

Six Types of Fasts in the Bible:

  1. The Self-Examination Fast – The One-Day Fast: Leviticus 23:27 records a fast that was later clarified in Jeremiah 36:6 referring to the fasting day.
  2. The Esther Fast – The Three-Day Fast: Esther 4:16 records the fast initiated by Queen Esther.
  3. The Daniel Fast – A Twenty-One-Day Fast: Daniel 10:2-3 records the fast of Daniel and after the twenty-one days, he reported the results in Daniel 10:10-11, 14.
  4. The Lord's Fast – The Forty-Day Fast: Matthew 4 records Jesus going into the wilderness to fast and pray. He did it for dominion. He did it for authority.
  5. The Fasting Before Battle: Judges 20 records a powerful story of preparation that recorded defeat in battle, but keep reading noting v. 26 and their subsequent victory. Don’t simply expect God to always bless the work of our hands.
  6. The Fast to Lift God’s Judgment from Another’s Life:
     I Kings 21:27-29 records the story of a wicked king who was so moved by the words of the prophet, that he humbled himself before God and God responded in spite of the wickedness.