Gilead House

Leader: Cynthia Klock

TBC has been bringing Christ's love and hope to homeless mothers and their children at Gilead House since 1999. The families live in community at the house in Novato for one year. During this year the mothers acquire or improve their job skills; participate in life skills classes to learn how to budget, parent, prepare nutritious & low-cost meals, improve their communication & stress management skills and a wide variety of other useful tools. The mothers are each connected to a Christian mentor who meets with them weekly to show them love, encourage them through the rough times, rejoice with them as they reach milestones and prays for them. The families do not need to be Christians to enter the home but we pray that they will come to know Jesus while they are at Gilead House. TBC members serve on the Board of Directors, the community board, are mentors, participate on the prayer team, help with events, provide employment, provide scholarships for the children to go to Camp Cazadero and many other activities that make such a difference in the lives of those in need in Marin. More detailed information can be found at and by contacting Cynthia Klock.