Tiburon Baptist Youth Ministry welcomes all Middle and High School youth in Marin and beyond! Come find a loving and caring group of people who want to truly be the church and live as Jesus Christ taught. At TBC Youth, we desire to share the amazing news about Jesus Christ with teenagers.  

     We believe in presenting Jesus' story and message within caring and loving friendships. We present the information preserved in the Bible and allow students to make decisions on their own terms without any hint of pressure or manipulation. We recognize that students are in the process of development from children to adults, and therefore, we believe patience and nurture must exist alongside challenge and accountability. We want to minister to all students parallel to their spiritual commitment. Those who want to grow closer to Christ will find depth to match their desire. Those who are disinterested in spiritual affairs will find loving friends who care about all aspects of life not just the spiritual. Above all, we desire to glorify God in all we do.